I can first remember painting Mickey Mouse and hearing the words “that’s good, Anne” from my mum. After that I drew incessantly and taught myself to draw by copying Disney characters. My dad’s art shop in Lancashire was an ‘Aladdin’s cave’ with all sorts of treasures and I regarded myself as an ‘artist’, signing and dating my drawings in sketchbooks. Later on I remember drawing a scene from my bedroom window which became a mission in capturing every stone and slate of the terraced houses around me. This obsession with detailed representation was knocked out of me in my Fine Art degree course during one particular life drawing session forced me to draw quickly and I loved the resulting spontaneity and vibrancy. I was no longer concerned with ‘detail’ but used quick, gestural lines, marks and brushstrokes to capture trees and roads in landscapes or bodies in figurative work.

After graduating at the University of Reading in 1984, I pursued a career in Education and have been a Primary, arts advisory, music and performing arts teacher, most recently in International education. I am fascinated by the relationship between music, art and dance and the differing sensual experiences they offer and feel very passionate about the valuable role they play in education. I have delivered in-service training for parents, teachers and governors and studied for an M.Ed in Creative Arts at the University of Exeter for which I researched teachers’ perceptions towards the arts. I feel very fortunate to have been involved in both visual and performing arts.

My experience as a young dancer and performer instilled in me an appreciation of the human form and it’s capability to express itself through movement, whether it be a grand, sweeping action or the slightest of gestures. I love capturing the spontaneity, power and beauty of a body in motion and my work has embraced a wide range of figurative work, featuring numerous sport and dance themes. My current figurative work includes the series, “Dog Walking”. I have exhibited at the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington and with “19 Artists” and my work has been commissioned and bought by collectors in the UK and USA.