I have always loved art and can remember drawing Disney characters after getting some crayons from my dad’s art shop in Lancashire. With my northern roots I have always loved undulating hills, roads, fences, walls and pathways and the lines, shapes and patterns they create across the land. I love to see how buildings and man-made structures sit within nature and relate to fields, woods, hills, valleys and lanes around them. Now based in the Surrey Hills, I use local scenes and views as inspiration for my work.

My paintings have a lively, expressive style with free energetic brushwork and mark making using varying thicknesses of acrylic paint. I love exploring colour and I often explore the same techniques and ideas across several paintings at the same time and find myself moving from one painting to another. Alongside my landscapes, I also enjoy painting sport, dance and floral still lifes.

“A work becomes a work of art when one re-evaluates the values of nature and adds one’s own spirituality. I tried to pursue notions such as these and often I stood contemplating the landscape, so grey, so simple, yet so splendidly rich with the animation of the sun and the wind.” Emile Nolde