“Colour, Feeling and Imagination”

Expressive landscapes which embrace feelings and memories of being in nature.

Inspired by the Surrey Hills and the Yorkshire Dales, I paint joyful, semi-abstract landscapes which are characterised by layers of gorgeous colours and creative mark making and possess a playful, imaginary quality with a strong sense of visual storytelling.

My creative process starts from initial sketches and photos outdoors which gradually evolve into the final compositions back in the studio, where I explore abstraction and realism to depict landscapes in my own style, Although I have an idea of a composition in my mind I am very happy allow a composition evolve out of the process. I prefer to work on birch panels so I am able to add and take off paint, constantly dabbing, rubbing, scraping and scratching using a variety of mark making tools such as paper towels, silicon brushes and wedges, palette knives. I start with free, creative mark making, building up layers of acrylic paint, glazes and mediums to achieve different textural effects. Painting over torn shapes and strips of masking tape and the addition of collaged tissue paper produce wonderful linear organic shapes and add a sense of movement.

final touches

I gravitate towards harmonising hues accented with pops of complimentary colours whilst exploring opaque with translucent colours, muted with bright, clean colours. Often there is a sense of distance and space but I also love distortion and wonky perspectives.Gradually trees and houses evolve out of all the colours and shapes. Among beautiful drips, dots and washes, stylised branches and windows are created using acrylic inks.

For a long time I have wanted my art to make a connection with music and my very recent work now incorporates "Lark Ascending" by Surrey Hills' composer, Vaughn Williams and the poetry of Yorkshire poets, Anne Brontë and Ted Hughes who all used their art form as a response to the landscapes which captured their imagination. Likewise, in a landscape I feel -

'Calm and relaxed, yet also alive and free and that is how I feel when I paint.'

Sketching outdoors



“A work becomes a work of art when one re-evaluates the values of nature and adds one’s own spirituality. I tried to pursue notions such as these and often I stood contemplating the landscape, so grey, so simple, yet so splendidly rich with the animation of the sun and the wind.” Emile Nolde

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