“Drama, atmosphere and movement”

I create vividly expressive, contemporary landscape paintings inspired by the Surrey Hills where I live. My work is about capturing drama, atmosphere and movement and is characterised by gorgeous colours, free, energetic and loosely layered brushwork and gestural mark making.

I love playing around with different colour combinations and experimenting with drips, splashes and distorted shapes and lines because they enable me to be bold and expressive. I would describe my work as semi-abstract and although my creative process starts with observational sketching, I often use my memory and imagination to develop a finished painting. I often work on several paintings at the same time exploring similar techniques and ideas as it keeps my work fresh and exciting – and this also stops me from working on something when it is actually finished!

I grew up in a northern mill town surrounded magnificent countryside where I loved to escape the endless rows of houses, slate roofs and mill chimneys to explore the hills and moors beyond. Fifty years later the gently rolling hills, vineyards, heathland and wooded countryside of the North Downs have replaced those dry stone walls, moors and ‘dark satanic mills’ of my youth. Lanes, tracks, telegraph wires and undulating fields now inspire me to sketch lines, shapes and patterns which gradually evolve into my compositions.

That love of majestic, rugged landscape from my northern roots is still with me along with a sense of ‘theatre’ which I now realise comes from my early experiences as a young dancer and pianist and later on as a performing arts teacher. This resonates in my art now and will always be very much who I am both as an artist and as a person. Being in a landscape I feel calm and relaxed yet alive and free and that’s how I feel when I paint.

“A work becomes a work of art when one re-evaluates the values of nature and adds one’s own spirituality. I tried to pursue notions such as these and often I stood contemplating the landscape, so grey, so simple, yet so splendidly rich with the animation of the sun and the wind.” Emile Nolde

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